This section will answer several questions you may have about our security agency. Of course, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information regarding our services and agents.

The answers to your questions!

This is our short-term ambition, but as our team is still growing, we are not yet covering all regions of the province. Contact us to find out if we can offer our services to your business and if agents are available in your area.

The majority of our agents are bilingual. Of course, we make sure that their level of knowledge of French and English matches the needs of your organization.

Yes. Our security agents can be available during non-standard hours or take turns to provide services around the clock.

Naturally, we first verify that the candidates have no criminal record. Each candidate is then interviewed by the supervisory team and subjected to a rigorous assessment of his or her knowledge and security skills.

Both security agents and corporate trainings are offered throughout Quebec, where the needs arise. Courses can be given at our premises or at your company’s facilities, depending on your needs.

Tell us about your needs to get a customized proposal!