At AG3, a security agency offering unique services, we train safety and prevention professionals, but above all, we train assistance professionals.
Our superior service offering aims to very precisely meet the needs of our customers, in a way that combines quality and profitability.

Our security agents’ training far exceeds market standards. Their particular expertise in health and safety makes them invaluable assets to ensure the protection of the premises and the well-being of our clients.

Lastly, at AG3, we are committed to developing a close, sincere and stable relationship between our agents and the businesses they safeguard. Since a security agent’s work involves a significant customer service component, which must be of impeccable quality, this relationship of trust is in our opinion the most important guarantee of success for our security, prevention and assistance services.


Retain our security agents’ services and enjoy the highest-quality service. Available around the clock, our agents will meet all your prevention, protection, and control needs.


A good prevention culture will certainly reduce the number of accidents within your organization and, in turn, the number of required first aid interventions.


Our safety agents all have a triple training: safety, prevention of work accidents and medical assistance. If this last skill is more important to you than the others, know that AG3 agents are first responders, which means they underwent a much more elaborate first aid training than that of “regular” agents.

Our other services

From consulting services, to customized agent and team management by AG3, discover all our other services. If your situation requires our agents to perform non-standard work, let us know your needs in a request for quote and we will create a personalized service offering just for you.

Our trainings

At AG3, our trainings are enhanced with a variety of practical and simulation exercises in order for you to receive a complete training that is relevant and adapted to the reality of the job. Your interpersonal skills, your quick thought process and your self-control will be put to good use.

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