From consulting services, to customized agent and team management by AG3, discover all our other services. If your situation requires our agents to perform non-standard work, let us know your needs in a request for quote and we will create a personalized service offering just for you.


You feel that your business is at risk and wish to have the situation evaluated? You are questioning the security protocols within your organization? Or yet, those protocols work correctly, but you would like to optimize them? We are happy to advise you and offer you the solutions best suited to your situation.

Customized agent

The perfect security agent is one that has the necessary qualifications to meet the specific needs of your business. Don’t look any further: at AG3, we will train that agent for you.

Thanks to our specialized teaching partners in private security, first aid and occupational health and safety, we will offer to the agents you hire the skill upgrading they need to ensure the service they provide surpasses everything you experienced before. Customization unique to AG3.

Management of your security agents by AG3

To improve your security team’s performances, let us manage it. Under our watch, your agents will further their skills, versatility, and pro-activity. You will also benefit from regular follow-ups on the progression of your security unit and the new measure they can take to improve the global security of your organization.

Tell us about your needs to get a customized proposal!