Our safety agents all have a triple training: safety, prevention of work accidents and medical assistance. If this last skill is more important to you than the others, know that AG3 agents are first responders, which means they underwent a much more elaborate first aid training than that of “regular” agents.

They will know how to better evaluate medical emergencies and how to respond more appropriately during the lengthy wait before paramedics arrive. They are also trained to assist someone who is injured or sick with specialized medical equipment: epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen), defibrillator, spine board, etc.

“Equipment rental” option

If you do not have specialized medical equipment on site (EpiPen, defibrillator…), but would like our agents to have some at their disposal while offering their services within your organization, know that we can provide our agent with some tools adapted to your customers.

This can make a world of a difference. Did you know that if put to use quickly, an automatic external defibrillator (AED) doubles the chances of survival of a person in cardiac arrest?

Tell us about your needs to get a customized proposal!